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Video analytics

Security video analytics

Diverse have a range of cameras and encoders deployed in a variety of environments and for a wide range of customers. Deployments often range from preventing theft and vandalism through proactive surveillance in commercial markets, enhancing critical infrastructure protection with the most accurate video analytics solution, simplifying multi-site deployments by eliminating the need for external storage servers and dedicated high capacity networks, and extending wireless deployments by eliminating the need to backhaul video to central storage.

Our solution protects like a security guard at 1/5th of the cost and dramatically reduces installation time and resources for ANY deployment.

Answer yes to any of these questions and we have the right solution for you.

Theft and Vandalism

Security video analytics
  • Have you experienced theft or vandalism in the past 12 months?
  • Do you employ a guard or patrol service?

Critical Infrastructure

  • Do you have onsite guards?
  • How important is protecting your perimeter?
  • Do you face terrorist threats?
  • Are you interested in Video Analytics?

Wireless Deployments

Security video analytics
  • Are you planning or would you like to use a wireless network to connect cameras?
  • Is trenching too expensive for your site?
  • Do you have to install a fiber optic or dedicated high capacity network for your security solution?

Multi-Site Deployments

  • Do you have more than one site?
  • How many cameras do you have at each site and what type of IT infrastructure is needed to support the deployment?

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