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Timelapse photography

Timelapse photography day > night

We offer a fully managed service which includes:

  • A site survey to confirm potential camera locations, fixtures and power requirements, and advise on the camera’s view
  • All travel and materials expenses for maintenance of the camera system(s)
  • Password-protected client login to view photos and camera information. Multiple off-site backups of every image, all web hosting costs included


  • A permanent location to install each camera system, a solid structure such as scaffold or a hand rail to ensure no camera movement. Camera location should have a good view of the site
  • Mains or 110v power supply at each camera location (power draw is very low at about 6W)

Privacy & Security

  • All images are backed up to our servers using an encrypted connection, ideal for sensitive projects or locations such as film sets, power stations or factories
  • Multiple backups prevent images being lost in case of camera theft or damage

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