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Rapid deployment

Sentinel Vision Mobile CCTV Tower

The Sentinel Vision Mobile CCTV Tower is a unique, fully-integrated, rapidly-deployable security solution, designed to deter and prevent crime, improve project management and aid health & safety investigations. In addition, protecting a site with Sentinel Vision reduces your security costs compared with manned guarding by more than 50%!

Monitored CCTV, backed up by live audio challenges, is proven to help prevent crime. There are many suppliers of CCTV security; however, very few have an offering specifically designed for temporary installations such as construction sites and void property. Sentinel Vision Site Security is unique to the market as it offers a quality service- a comprehensive security solution with guaranteed system integrity to protect sites.

Diverse offer a range of IP self-powered Rapid Deployment solutions for a wide range of applications, get in touch for a free consultation.

Diverse Deployable Solutions

Sentinel Vision Mobile CCTV Tower

Diverse Deployable Solutions ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of temporary rapid deployment CCTV solutions to a broad base of clients. Our services include detector activated transmission or covert surveillance systems supplied on a rental or purchase basis. We offer fully managed systems and a deployment / relocation service to back up a client managed service. Our systems utilise a range of wireless transmission methods and systems can be redeployed as often as required.

  • Rapid deployment CCTV towers
  • Covert surveillance systems
  • Anti-social behaviour monitoring
  • 4G wireless transmission systems

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