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Public address systems

Public address system

Public address systems are used for many varied applications from communication to entertainment purposes in a wide variety of applications. We specialise in providing solutions for a wide variety of users. Whether you require sound coverage to a building or site, for announcements, speech background or foreground music, Diverse have solutions for most audio requirements.

Voice alarm systems provide pre-recorded evacuation messages to evacuate buildings through enhanced public address systems. By adding additional levels of performance and reliability, VA systems provide extra features to ensure the system is ready to operate in the event of an emergency and function as a life safety system. Most public buildings in the UK now have VA systems installed to assist in evacuation.

Disabled refuge systems are designed for use in buildings that contain refuge areas. This type of intercom system allows emergency services to be in constant contact with the people in the refuge areas who seek assistance.

Intercom Systems; Two way simultaneous communication of speech is frequently required for security and process applications. This form of communication uses intercom systems for which we have a number of systems available to offer solutions for many applications.

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