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Detector activated CCTV

Video monitoring with perimeter barrier

Diverse have over 20 years’ experience in providing remote video monitoring solutions, we have been supplying remote video since the days of ISDN and have continued providing these solutions through the constant progression of equipment technologies and transmission mediums that now exist.

The ability of the central station to visually verify unauthorised activity is of enormous benefit to the police, who are called only to actual incidents as opposed to the "blind" events generated by standard intruder alarm systems. The addition of speak to site audio, giving the central station the ability to warn off potential intruders, provides a deterrent for the majority of incidents.

Whilst not always a panacea to the replacement of manned guards, remote video monitoring has the advantage of being able to monitor the entire site continually. Using additional equipment, remote building management is possible, with the central station being able to open gates and barriers, switch on lighting and monitor internal intruder alarms and building management systems, these often critical alarms can be escalated to the relevant parties for a suitable response.

Detector activated CCTV system

We are able to provide our clients with professionally installed RVM solutions, taking into consideration such things as:

  • Transmission equipment
  • Communication method
  • Detection or trigger type
  • Camera location
  • Static versus Dome (PTZ)
  • Day/night camera requirements
  • Lighting requirements
  • Public address audio requirement
  • Critical alarm integration

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