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Diverse AV designs, supplies and installs Professional Sound Systems, Projector Installations, Sonos Home Audio Solutions into both commercial and residential properties.

We can provide you with a complete audio visual equipment installation solution, whether your requirement is for a projector installation, public address sound system, or multi room home audio installation.

Diverse cover a vast range of AV equipment from projectors, projection screens, large format TVs and monitors to professional sound system equipment, whether we carry out an AV install in your home, meeting room, reception area, offices or call centre we will advise and install the correct AV equipment dependent on your requirements but most of all your budget.

As professional AV installers when we carry out a site survey of your room or venue we take into consideration a number of factors such as lighting, optimum size of the projection screen or display screen and the aesthetics of the space so to give you the best audio visual solution for your investment. Most venues are different in one way or another but as we have numerous years’ experience in this industry and access to a vast network of manufacturers we believe we can offer a complete audio and visual install solution.

We can install so many different audio visual solutions from multi-screen displays, digital signage, projection systems and video matrix systems so we can achieve any desired result in a majority of commercial applications where a client is considering having a complete audio-visual system installed. Having installed numerous AV systems into call centres, offices, bars and leisure venues we can offer a complete audio visual installation solution.

Sound System Installations

Sound system cabaling and outputs

Background music systems or commercial sound systems have a varied and widespread use in Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices and Shopping Centres and is intended to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere whether you are enjoying a meal in your favourite restaurant, browsing in your local shopping centre or having a drink in your local bar or pub. These type of sound systems are designed and installed to suit the venue but more importantly we will work towards the budget you have allowed.

These types of background music systems will enhance the atmosphere in a range of venues and ideally shouldn’t be too obtrusive and should remain discreetly in the background and by using high power small speakers throughout your venue or a distributed ceiling speaker installation you can achieve the desired result.

By using multi-channel amplifiers and zoning mixers we can achieve virtually any desired application that you may require where you need different levels within your venue, each area can be zoned giving you the facility for both individual level control and a different source of music if required in any of the areas, therefore giving you total flexibility with your restaurant, bar or shop background music system.

If you’re looking for a more discreet sound system within business premises or home then look no further than a ceiling speaker installation or in wall loudspeakers throughout your desired rooms. These come in various sizes and with varied power handlings but we will advise which system would best suit the room or rooms they are been installed into.

TV system installation

Many commercial sound systems feature ceiling speakers that can be painted to blend in with your decor whether this is in your office, shop or home so they become part of the room and blend in. For small areas that don’t warrant installing a pair of ceiling speakers for a stereo sound we tend to install a single stereo in ceiling speaker, these areas could be a small bathroom, entrance lobby or office.

A ceiling speaker installation is an ideal solution as home audio speakers as they are less obtrusive than wall mounted cabinet speakers that may deter from the internal decor and not blend in as well as a speaker fitted into the ceiling. In this type of multi room home audio installations we will tend to install a high end hi-fi ceiling speaker that will give you precise and high quality music reproduction.

A sound equipment installation such a PA system or public address system are commonly used in small venues such as schools, restaurants, bars or a commercial building to make announcements to various areas using paging microphones and in each area there may be a multitude of speakers installed to give an even coverage of audio.

These types of Public Address systems that we install may incorporate a desktop paging mic, multi-channel amplifier and a 100 volt line system which may consist of a ceiling speaker installation or wall mounted speaker system or a mixture of both to achieve the desired effect.

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