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ANPR systems

Vehicle registration plate identification with ANPR

The ability to identify vehicle number plates quickly and automatically offers enormous benefits to many different businesses and organisations. The possible applications are wide and varied and include security, crime detection, traffic management and even automatic payment systems.

Systems can process images of vehicle licence plates in colour and infrared and crosscheck them against any database held within a connected workstation. When a vehicle is matched an audible alert sounds within seconds or an event sequence created the software interface is user friendly and straightforward and easy to learn.

Applications Include

  • Retail, Wholesale and distribution - Tracking deliveries, preventing unauthorised entry, car park management and visitor frequency mapping
  • Petrol Stations - By logging Number Plates 'drive offs' can be deterred and perpetrators traced
  • Defence and high security applications - Automatic Number Plate Recognition provides an added security layer at a potential weak point
  • Car Parks - Automatic fee payment by Number Plate for regular customers as well as increasing security, reducing parking fee avoidance

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